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In order to access your personal "MySafe" data safe, please login:


under the correct URL,


with the authorized user name,


with the correct passwords.


. data



Important: Dont store your valuable personal and private data, like important contracts, legal documents, confidential letters, private correspondence and plans on your local computer !


There are so many thieves and other bad people would like to know about your confidential data. Dont make it so easy to such criminal people to just take over your data by put their hands on your computer and to get access on all your personal and private informations.


c9c networks offer you a convenient way to encrypt and safe your data on our servers and then to delete and overwrite on your local computer your confidential data. Any thief may also steal your computer, but without any informations from you, from your private life and from your confidential data. c9c grants you full Privacy and a powerful total protection of your data.


For more informations you may contact us: www.c9c.org/contact



Note: Please note, that we strictly do not allow to safe on our servers any material related to sex, pornography, terror, illegal software, mp3, exe, scripts or similar contents. There is zero tolerance for such materials. There are automatic scanners to check out any contents on all data safes and to delete any illegal contents. Any customer will be permanently banned from our services, if we found such illegal contents on our servers. Our data safe system is strictly personal. You are not allowed to transmit your personal access passwords to third people in order to create a file sharing. We also can restrict the access on your data safe to specific IP numbers in order to protect you from any access by thirds.



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